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Why are most nail technicians Vietnamese?


Why are most nail technicians Vietnamese? At the moment, the business world thinks that nearly 40% of nail salon workers in the US are Vietnamese women. Most Vietnamese nail technicians live in California, where between 59 and 80% of the nail technicians are Vietnamese. Most of these women are new arrivals from Vietnam.


Fun facts about nail salons in the USA

A nail salon also called a “nail bar,” is a type of beauty salon that focuses on nail care, like manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements. Most nail salons also take care of your skin.

Beauty salons, spas, and hotels all offer manicures as well. Most of the time, nail technicians, manicurists, or nailists are the names of people who work in nail salons.

There are many ways to take care of your nails at a nail salon, like getting acrylics, silk or fiberglass wraps, French manicures, polish, or pedicures. Some nail salons do more than just nails. One-stop nail salons offer more than just nail services. They also offer facial treatments, waxing, and skincare.

“Nail technicians” is what most people call the people who work in nail salons. In some parts of the United States, nail technicians can only work at nail salons if they have formal qualifications that the state recognizes.

How to Avoid Nail Salons That Are Dangerous to Your Health

Conditions of work

Some evidence suggests that people who work in nail salons might have to deal with unfair or dangerous working conditions. When Vietnamese-American nail salon workers were surveyed, many of them said that the work environment might be bad for their health.

Standard 62-1989: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Quality from the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers says that each person should get about 20 cubic feet per minute of fresh air from the outside.

This means that air needs more than one way to get in and out of the room. Some of these paths are windows and doors, but they are not the only ones. The study found that one-third of the nail salons that were looked at had only one door for ventilation and no other way for air to get in or out.

Because of how salon work is done, many nail techs have to wear masks and gloves. Other surveys of similar groups of workers showed that 90% wore masks and 70% wore gloves to work.

Common responses from questioned employees included:

“The owner tells us to wear masks because the chemicals are dangerous.”

“Says that chemicals are dangerous, so you should always keep the fan on and close the lids and covers on chemicals.”

“I’m young and pregnant, and I don’t want to breathe in the dust and chemicals because I’m afraid it will hurt my baby in the future.”


Why are there many Vietnamese nail technicians?

Why are most nail techs Vietnamese? In spite of the fact that many people have pondered the issue, it’s not often discussed between neighbors or pals. NPR’s promotion of the 2019 documentary “Nailed It” comes up #1 if you Google “nail salon owned by Vietnamese.”

How Many Vietnamese Are Behind the Counters at America’s Nail Salons? The majority of California’s nail shop operators are Vietnamese. Fifty percent of all nail salon proprietors in the country are Vietnamese. The nail salon market brings in about $8 billion a year.

Following a trail of publications and making connections, people discovered that it all began with Tippi Hedren.

A Hollywood legend best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. When she set out to aid Vietnamese refugees, she had no idea the effect it would have.

About 45 years ago, she met a group of ladies who had escaped the communist takeover of South Vietnam in a refugee camp outside Sacramento, California.

She wanted to teach them something that would provide them with a means of financial independence. Tippi recruited typists and seamstresses, but it was Thuan Le, impressed by Hedren’s manicure, who suggested the group take up the art.

Tippi contacted a nearby beauty institute, and the establishment generously financed the Vietnamese Americans’ enrollment in a course to master the new trade.

As time went on, they lowered their prices to be 30–50% lower than other nail salons. They were able to achieve such market dominance because of the superior service and products they provided.

About Vietnamese nail technicians

The majority of Vietnamese nail technicians will send home at least some of their earnings to support loved ones back home.

We live in a world full of unknowns, and it may be challenging to have an optimistic outlook.

On the other hand, this inspiring narrative demonstrates how the desire to help others may spark a movement that improves the lives of many.


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How Many Vietnamese Work in American Nail Salons?

Most people who run nail salons in California are Vietnamese. The owners of half of the nail salons in the USA are Vietnamese.

Who is the “godmother” of Vietnamese-American nail technicians?

Tippi Hedren is most recognized for her performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. She wanted to teach Vietnamese refugees a skill that would allow them to become financially independent.

How large is the manicure and pedicure business in America?

The nail salon industry generates around $8 billion annually.

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