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How Much Should I Tip At A Nail Salon?


Getting a manicure and pedicure is supposed to be relaxing, but if you don’t know the rules of the nail salon, it can feel like a lot of work. How much should you tip at the nail salon? What should you do if you don’t like how you filed your nails? Do you have to buy a gift for your stylist if you see them often at the salon?

In this article, we have your back because we asked top salon professionals what you should do when you go to a nail salon.

How Much Should I Tip At A Nail Salon

How Much Should I Tip At A Nail Salon?

What customers should do: The average amount for manicure & pedicure services, before taxes, is 15-20% of the cost of the service. It’s up to you, but some people tip more than 20% if the service cost less than $3 or if they were very happy with the work.

The people who work at the nail salon would like you to:

Experts say that the cost of a tip is reasonable for that price range. The best thing is always cash.

One problem with paying with a credit card is that you don’t always know for sure if the person who helped you can get the full tip. This is a shady way to do business, but it does happen.

Some nail techs look for people who don’t leave tips so they can give them bad service.

Most nail salons expect you to pay for basic services, and tips are only given if you were happy with the service.

The salon wants you to: Our experts were divided 50/50 on tipping nail salon owners. We found a nice compromise:

Tipping is customary at nail salons. You may reward them with cash or a letter.

If the owner doesn’t want you to tip, they’ll politely say no, but if they’d like a tip, they’ll be happy to accept it.

How much do you tip for a pedicure that costs $50?

Customers usually leave a 20% tip, which would be $10 on a $50 pedicure.

What beauty spa workers want you to do: If the service was good, leave at least a 20% tip. Most of the time, our clients are kind and leave 20% tips.

How much do you tip for a pedicure that costs $75?

What people do: Also tip 20%, so for a $75 pedicure, tip $15.

Many nail salons now print a tip calculator on the customer’s receipt to help them figure out how much to tip.

How Much Should I Tip At A Nail Salon

What if you don’t like the way your nails were done?

What many customers do: When they are upset, they often leave less of a tip or don’t leave one at all. Sites like Yelp let people tell the rest of the world about their experiences.

What the staff at the nail salon wants you to do: “Tips make a nail tech’s job more fun, but they aren’t enough to teach them how to get better at what they do.” The people who work in nail salons like it when customers give them constructive feedback. However, specific feedback should be given verbally, not in the form of a tip.

People are often so busy with their phones or tablets that they don’t notice something isn’t right until after the nail service is done.

The person doing your nails wants you to pay attention and tell them if something is wrong. Then they can fix it and you will be happy when you leave.

If you have a complaint to share with someone, be kind and think about how they might feel. It will probably lead to a better conversation rather than an angry rant.

How Much Should I Tip At A Nail Salon

What are things that people do that nail salons don’t like?

What customers do: If you take too long to choose a polished color, the nail technicians can’t work fast enough and may have to skip some steps or rush their service.

It always helps if customers arrive early so that they can touch up their colors and still get the full treatment time.

Make sure to show up on time when you have an appointment. Turn off your phone and don’t touch it while you’re at your appointment. Stay still until your service is over, and then you can reach into your bag or purse for what you need.

The better your manicure and pedicure will be, the less you move your fingers and toes. And always say more than once what you want, like if you don’t like being tickled, are sensitive, or want a stronger massage. A good nail tech will be able to customize the service so that it meets all of your needs.

What about gifts for the person who does your nails?

What customers do: A gift card is usually appreciated when a client goes to the same nail technician often and sees the same person each time. During the holidays, even a personalized gift like a special kind of tea or bath product can be a nice touch. During the holidays, a lot of people leave bigger tips. So, keep in mind that it’s never expected.


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What’s the nail salon tip?

Before taxes, the average gratuity for nail shop services is 15-20%. Some customers tip more than 20% if the service cost less than $3 or if they were pleased.

How much should you tip for a $50 pedicure?

Customers often offer a 20% gratuity or $10 on a $50 pedicure. What salon employees want you to do: If the service was exceptional, tip at least 20%. The majority of our customers are generous and leave 20% tips.

What if you’re unhappy with how your nails were done?

When they are angry, they often leave a smaller tip or none at all. Sites like Yelp enable users to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

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